Saturday, October 11, 2008

Zumba, anyone?

Although I have been to a few gyms in Latin America, and have even enjoyed exercise classes at a few, this morning made me realize exactly why I enjoy running so much—

· It is a solo sport, except during races etc, and even then you are competing against one’s own personal best

· It takes place OUTDOORS, a breeze or light sprinkle may even be felt

· Cadence is involved, but not to a Latin beat

But when Keri wanted to go with me to Zumba, it made it somehow more palatable…

Zumba is intense- and when done in a hot, non-air conditioned Costa Rican gym(think the smallest exercise venue in any Charlotte area YMCA) you are sure to burn enough calories to earn a taxi ride home from the middle of town-especially when your 17 year old insists! We’re gonna try a different class at another gym this week!

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Anonymous said...

That is hilarious Cathi! I can picture it clearly :) But good for you for trying it out your braver than me.
love Sandra