Friday, May 29, 2009

Resilience in the midst of Life

Some of my friends know that I began this life resilient--born at 28 weeks gestation, weighing two pounds, 13 ounces, and hospitalized for six months-- I amazed the doctors when I survived, actually learned to walk and talk, completed two bachelors' degrees and a master's degree! As Mac Donald explained in his book A Resilient Life, however, the first half of life is the easy part!

I completed my Master's degree at age 43, simply because I wanted to do more for Christ and His Kingdom (and secretly I want to complete a Ph.D in Public Health whenever it fits into our life). However, living here in Costa Rica, is where that intentionally sought-after resilience has been most tested--and where a hint of quitter's gene appeared. Why? Because we've experienced things never even on the radar in the US--learning a new language and culture after 40, two car accidents in the first year(never had one in the first 24 yrs of marriage), robbery, vandalism, theft, declining economy and rock bottom support and the list could probably include a few more!

But the final laps of the laps are still ahead and I want to make my most valuable contributions to the Kingdom in midlife and following. God has brought people to our front gate who not only need their next meal, but the love of Jesus Christ, and the assurance of eternal life. He has met our every need in His exact time, and provided our daily bread in some interesting ways- from our panaderia (without cost) since October '08 and the opportunity to share Christ, a Bible and daily conversation with my Tica friend Ruth, the shop’s owner.

Right now, in this weary state, I want to trust God to instill this resiliency, enabling me to pursue personal growth, intentionally desiring to know God and His purposes more personally each day--to live life in such a way that the indelible impression /fragrance of Christ is imprinted on other missionaries, , our children(and our future grandchildren) our colleagues in the secular and the Christian workforce, and the Ruth's and Ana's of Latin America, so that my resilience may be multiplied in others in their first half of life, so that they too may finish the race resilient!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainy Season, again...

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It's official....Keri's a Class of 2009 graduate!

Keri is officially graduated! It's been a month since the official countdown, which began with "Keri Duggan Day" followed by a graduation party in Costa Rica, recognition at church, several dinners, and culminated in a cap and gown ceremony last Sunday! Of course, one of the most significant events was the North Carolina DMV giving our grad her NC driver's license! Way to go, Keriboo!
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