Sunday, August 30, 2009


     This weekend was a mixture of elation and sorrow—for those who know me, know that I love loving on people and sharing my gift of hospitality—and I got the wonderful chance to love of people from our sending church/home church, CAC last evening and was able to spend time with a dear Tico couple and their children one of whom, Dayana, who has some very serious kidney problems. I had been praying for this child, but hadn’t realized the toll this burden has left on them. With the healthcare system here, one must wait to have exams or arrange to pay for them at private hospitals or clinics(which are costly as they are no longer provided by the government)—and Dyana was offered an appt. in January. But fortunately, these examinations were obtained this week, and another should occur in the next week, hopefully pinpointing the cause of this problem, or with divine intervention, the absence of any problem, whatsoever—a testimony to God’s glory.


Please join me in interceding for:

·         The miraculous healing of this precious little one, Dayana, a friend of our Anna

·          My friend Gaby, whose mother‘s heart breaks as her little one endures difficult tests and as she faces uncertainty and whose spirit is so downcast

·         Her husband, Jose, whose face is etched with a father’s concern, and who is bearing the burden of large medical bills

·         Dayana, as she encounters pain in tests and doesn’t understand the reason she must endure such—

·         Our ability to come alongside them during hospital visits as they try to make sense of findings and additional exams needed

My prayer is that this story will have a beautiful ending, and that our God will be exalted!

Monday, August 24, 2009


     As we head back from putting Keri into college, I can't believe we are starting our third school year(second year of homeschooling) overseas. We miss Costa Rica, things Costa Rican, and appreciate ChikFilA and other things American, but look forward to speaking Spanish, hugging and greeting Tico-style, and welcoming our first family
to language school and San Jose as it begins next Monday. We were blessed during our time in the States and felt loved and cared for. Pray for this new Reachglobal family, the Johnsons, as they adjust to San Jose, immerse themselves in the culture and language prior to relocating to Peru sometime next year. Pray for Brian as he gears up for another intense travel season, and for a new Spanish Womens' Bible study/discipleship group beginning in the panaderia near our home. Pray that God will raise up a Tica leader that can be discipled so that other Latina women may multiply these efforts. Keri and Matthew begin classes at Wheaton this week, and Ben and Anna dive right in to high school and 4th grade, respectively.  Pictures of our Wheaton trek later this week! Just as Brian and I began college 30 years ago, the circle continues- and more missionaries deploy to Latin America as well!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holistic Ministry Team in Hot New Orleans!

     I was so excited that our Latin America Holistic Ministry team is gathering in person in New Orleans in August! The neatest part is that we are scattered throughout Latin America and the US, yet have the same purpose as church planters, yet different giftings/passion which will enable us to use ESL, specific women’s ministries, relief/development, health-related ministries, business as mission platforms for the common purpose of developing, empowering and releasing healthy churches throughout Latin America in a holistic manner.


     Yesterday we spent the day in the city(New Orleans)—it was hot(heat index 100+), serving the people there.  Two teams went out—one hung sheetrock and sanded, others did whatever a charter school needed done—working up a sweat—in and out of air-conditioning!

Thanks for praying for us—injury-free and  ready for our last day of meetings and some Cajun food in the Quarter tonight!