Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Best Intentions Aren't Always Best...

Although I intended to blog more during 2013, my best intentions weren't enough to see this through.
Our eldest daughter was able to spend time at home until the end of the second week of January, homeschooling resumed, insurance claims from 2012 needing filing, and documents for last year's taxes needed to get to the tax man. Clinic began when Keri left, and new clients came. 

The demands were all timely, and needed addressing much more urgently than this blog. Thoughts roll around in my head as I ride buses and spent time in ministry and at home, so here's hoping the end of February will be a fresh start to 2013. I so appreciate and care for all of those who like to keep up with our life and the pulse of missions in Latin America. I'm not going to promise, as well, my best intentions aren't always best. Really, 2013 may shape up to be the best ever, despite my intentions, as long as I am present and willing to serve my family, friends,clients and others.