Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brian and Mark spend time snuggling some orphans...

A dad's a dad in any language....Brian and Mark went searching for an orphanage in Carrefour yesterday that was in need of provisions (food, milk, diapers, etc) and found an opportunity to snuggle and play with these little ones! They found a group that recognized the neon green EFCA Touchglobal shirts, who offered 400 diapers and some nutritional supplement powder that will be delivered today! Continue to pray for appointments such as these and for the people of Haiti!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pray for Brian and the team...

I just spoke to my wonderful husband, and my heart is heavy. He spent the night ill, and, in my clinical mind, I can think of possible causes, and pray the bug is the most logical, straightforward, and least harmful. I also know that he is able to diagnose and treat himself, yet will most likely be out working even though the team has been working well into the night for days...

Pray for strength, new supplies of drinking water, restored health, and continued open doors.
If anything, this shows me that the continued fervent prayer lifted by the spiritual contingent around the world, and my own household and countless friends, indeed availeth much.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Relief in Action

Teams are on the ground and in the air headed to Haiti today and tomorrow. This will be a long-term effort coordinated with much thought and prayer. Consider how you may be involved. Give, Pray, GO? Yes, there are opportunities to do all these things, but with a willing heart and a U.S. Passport you may be part of God's amazingly designed response to this situation. Leave a comment here and you will be immediately connected with those formulating the response.

More later, the inbox is filling and the phone is ringing!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


The world is watching Haiti and countries are coming together to help the survivors whose lives were spared that fateful day. Humanitarian and faith-based organizations are planning short and long-term efforts as they are able to enter the country. Many of our friends here in Costa Rica are key players in this, and my husband has packed a bag and will meet others from EFCA/Reachglobal tomorrow. As a healthcare professional, wife and mother, the images of makeshift hospitals and orphanages pull at my heartstrings and I know that someone has to go....and yet, the stark reality of potential for additional earthquakes, poor sanitation, disease, etc., confronting the one I love and those whom I have relationships with defy words right now.

Please donate to Reachglobal/Touchglobal or the faith-based or humanitarian agencies you have confidence in and have donated to in the past. Immediate aid will arrive to the people of Haiti as you read this. Short-term and Long-term relief efforts for Haiti and disasters yet unknown will continue for forthcoming months and years; and you, your family, and church fellowship can become involved as future details are unveiled. For today and the foreseeable future, your fervent prayers for those mobilized in this effort, and those suffering in the country of Haiti will sustain and provide comfort.

Donations are needed for immediate crisis relief needs and long-term recovery efforts. Please donate online or send checks to:
Earthquake Relief 21709-3970
901 E 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55420

Once a base of operations is established, volunteers will be needed (internships, short-term and long-term service teams). If you or your church are interested in serving in Haiti, contact the EFCA TouchGlobal Crisis Response office at or call (985) 893-0218 ext 7.

We praise God that church planter Pastor Absalon and his wife are alive. Pray for the leaders and members of the EFC church plant in Haiti as they serve in the midst of this crisis. Please pray for:
- the people of Haiti as they experience loss, pain and death.
- the Crisis Response team as they determine how God would have the EFCA respond.
Pray that God would move in this crisis and that people would come to know and trust Him.
Pray for Brian as he travels to Miami and beyond, and for peace as Cathi and the children remain in Costa Rica serving in various ministries and completing homeschool as part of their routine.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010: What Will It Hold?

It has been a little longer since I've blogged, but during the "downtime" when the clinic is closed, many missionaries are enjoying family being around or leaving for elsewhere, and the homeschool books are shelved, and the mess from Christmas has been cleaned up while I was nowhere in sight(thanks to my family for such a gift, and Ilsias, who found the extras we all missed), I've been praying, thinking, and trying to formulate my goals for 2010.

ReachGlobal personnel fondly know them as KRA's, but they are more than just resolutions that last for a short period amount of time--they are carefully planned and desired outcomes in specifed areas of my life- ministry, personal health, relationships/family life, etc. Such planning allows one to glance at a weekly/monthly calendar and determine if time was/will be spent intentionally so that measurable progress may be noted and, if not, these may be adjusted. These are taking a little longer this year, as I plan to distribute them to several trusted leaders (including my hubby!) and friends to be held to higher accountability, so as to purpose toward measurable results that bring glory to God!

A pastor recently brought this home as he described the events of Exodus 16-17, in which the Israelites were whining and complaining about their situation when the Lord was providing what they needed exactly when they were in need of it. God has designed each of us for a purpose and will use us in spite of ourselves. In carefully studying our habits, thoughts, and using information to formulate a plan to seek results, we maximize our efforts, and can more easily seek God's purposes in our lives. Certainly unplanned opportunities will arise beyond our imagination and some of our planned goals may elude us, but by methodically pursuing God's best for me-surely 2010 will be more than I envisioned--for me, and those around me.