Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pretty as a Princess

We invited a houseful to our Thanksgiving dinner and post-dinner dessert, so we took a few minutes to make sure the table and the house looked as nice as it could. Anna's curtains finally got put up with a little creative use of curtain rods and household decorations...she really knew what we didn't --the curtains look perfect, and she's on her way to becoming an interior designer! Thanks again to those who made it a princess dream room!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Even though it has rained all night for the last several days and a fine mist (pelo de gato) of drizzle continues, we made the most of yesterday afternoon by walking the dog near a local Christmas tree farm. Last year, the gringos from N.C. did not know that one reserved a Christmas tree well in advance of our Thanksgiving. This year upon seeing car after car with arboles de navidad (Christmas trees) on top of their car roofs, we were prompted to act before all of the best trees were gone and before the only ones remaining were out of our price range. This year we have a much taller tree waiting with our name on it for a smaller price than last year—it is so wonderful to know the culture, rudimentary, though not advanced Spanish and the locals. Please join us in praying for our neighbors who will be invited to our annual Christmas Day open house---that they will come from behind their fortressed walls and razor wire,  experience the love of Christ in simple hospitality and that Christ will begin to remove the walls in their hearts this Christmas season! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Interesting 24 Hours!

Our Tuesday morning ladies’ Bible study got together to thank and honor Kim, who every Tuesday hosts the study in her home. Unfortunately, outdoor weddings and garden parties both depend on beautiful weather—which didn’t arrive yesterday. It rained all night and all day, but we were all smiles and decked out in our finest with hiking boots/sandals or tennis shoes and decorated bonnets! The rain couldn’t spoil our fun as we sang, laughed, shared and cried. We are so fortunate to have one another as we are Christian women from different countries and cultures, residing as expatriates in Costa Rica.

The GPS drained my battery so my car wouldn’t start after the fiesta, but some kind friends helped jumpstart it and then the same GPS didn’t comprehend that many Costa Rica roads are one-way(and not the way I was headed) so it took quite some time to get home—needless to say, I crossed bridges with our van that I may not have jogged over! Wish I had a photo of those!

Around midnight we were awakened by an earthquake (6.1) as our bed moved to and fro! All is well, but I think I’ll take ordinary for the next couple of days!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cheerful hearts

Keri loves her new curtains and is looking forward to Saturday when they will block out the sunlight and she can sleep blissfully late. Thank you to those whose shop carried the gorgeous fabric( Front Door Fabrics), those who purchased fabric for Keri and Anna, the hands who carefully stitched both sets of curtains, and the transport of fabric from Costa Rica to the US and back again.

The time in Charlotte flew by, and although I spent a long time relishing the new Trader Joe's(we left the day it opened August 2007) and hadn't bees...the thought of shopping for those items we need, but don't like to transport was left for tomorrow. Thursday we had brunch with the Anderson family(thanks guys!) and every item on our "things we can't find or afford in Costa Rica" list was in a box at their home--lovingly provided by cheerful hearts(you also know who you are) prompted by God. Upon arriving at the airport Saturday AM, Brian handed me an envelope that simply said "Duggan luggage"....and the cash inside paid for our three duffles of things--ladies' items for our area conference, Christmas decorations and those necessities from Trader Joe's and the box of groceries AND a snack box on the plane(we ran to our connection, with little thought to lunch on the way)....we are humbled by the cheerful hearts of those who so blessed us during our time in Charlotte, those who pray when prompted, and those who welcome us with open arms when we arrive on US soil. We love you! Our hearts are cheerful and ready and available to bless those brought across our path-in Costa Rica, Latin America, and parts beyond!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pura Vida

Nestled safely in Costa Rica sipping a cup of coffee to chase the chill in the air away! The fall decorations have warmed up our dining room and kitchen and it seems a little holiday like! In fact, after church we shopped for groceries as our cupboards were bare and found(a first) COOL WHIP! I used great restraint and only bought one container for Thanksgiving Day. One never knows when an item will ever appear on the shelf or in the freezer again!


All of our personal belongings made it safely and I will thank whoever paid for our luggage transport here—you know who you are! I even had a few dollars left to buy the kids a snack box on the plane! We had to run from one plane to another and hadn’t had breakfast or lunch!


The curtains haven’t been hung yet, but as soon as they are I’ll post a picture! It really does feel like this is our home now—Spanish, gates, guards, and all.



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Feeling loved...

Being around friends and family and local bodies of believers has been so encouraging. The outpouring of love has been so incredible! Yesterday I had the privilege of volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center and enjoyed a lunch of salad and soup and wonderful conversation in the homey atmosphere of the dining room of CPC with the staff of the center and my dear mother in law!


Today we plan to relax in an idyllic setting—fireside at a cabin on a lake—the forecast is for rain, but being totally unplugged on Election Day seems very appealing. Our dear friends from language school in Costa Rica are surprising Anna tomorrow, we’ll post pics later this week!


The lines are long, and we were able to vote absentee….but we hope you have voted or will enjoy getting to know someone in the lines at the polls today!