Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oreo takes the cake!

Happy Birthday, Oreo!

Although no one but Oreo’s mother knows the exact date and time of Oreo’s birth, we were told a date of October 1, 2008 was close. Our little 1.2 kilo malnourished, near-death puppy has grown into a sweet, personable dog. Keri baked her a few “pupcakes” to celebrate, frosting them with one of her favorites, peanut butter!

On that same note, we had a little trouble baking both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and wonder if the sugar or one of the two leavening agents, baking powder or baking soda were to blame…not to worry, we’re going to use pretend that they were meant to be mini “molten lava” cakes with ice cream and strawberries later. If you have any suggestions, let us know—we’ve never had a problem before!

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