Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An ordinary workday turned celebration for Anna's 10th Birthday!

After a special pancake breakfast (Anna's had chocolate chips), while Brian headed out with the international team here to capture a glimpse of ministry opportunities here in Haiti, the rest of us headed to our respective work sites-- Brian and Byron to an orphanage where they were constructing a building; Dave, Cathy, and Lori to roof shelters in a nearby neighborhood about a kilometer down the road from the base/TG operations center, the Haitian Queen. I was riding along with them as Steve and I would be accompanied by Miguel, our translator so as to obtain GPS coordinates for recently completed shelters, meet the homeowners, and pray a blessing over their new home so the moving in process could begin!

Lunchtime back at the base, but raindrops turned into pelting sheets of rain as we headed to the worksite in Gressier to obtain tools left in anticipation of the afternoon's work--tomorrow would come soon enough, and work would resume. Preparations for celebrating Anna's 10th birthday could be done in a more relaxed manner--new Haitian friends and EFCA missionary applicants (and their 3 kiddos) visiting family in Christianville will be joining us for the celebration.

I wonder if Anna is still working out the details of her latest birthday request? She decided instead of a Barbie dreamhouse, she'd love a younger sister....and the others were headed to the orphanage again. Maybe tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert in Costa Rica aren't such an expensive proposition?

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